Media appearances and public speaking

A select list of stories, podcasts and events I have been involved in.

Media quotes 

News reports form an invaluable part of this information ecosystem of internet research. These are some of the stories I have been part of.

  1. Anadolu Agency, ‘Excessive regulations, censorship affect digital freedom in India’, 11 March 2022

  2. Medianama, How Important Is The Judgement Of The Karnataka HC In The Manish Maheshwari Vs UP Police Case?, 24 June 2021

  3. Deutsche Welle, Twitter's India troubles show tough path ahead for digital platforms, 21 June 2021

  4. Forbes India, From Google to Whatsapp, and Twitter to Koo, assessing the compliance status of Intermediaries, 17 June 2021

  5. Forbes India, What does it mean to lose safe harbour?, 17 June 2021 

  6. Forbes India, Intermediary Rules much worse than believed, 10 June 2021 

  7. Deccan Herald, New rules leave social media users vulnerable: experts, 3 June 2021

  8. The Quint, Calling Out Fake News Around Bengal Violence Matters, Here’s Why, 13 May 2021

  9. The Quint, Govt Requests, Twitter Obliges: Choking Critique of COVID Inaction, 26 April 2021

  10. The Bastion, The Laws of the Land of Social Media, 27 March 2021 

  11. Livemint, Social media platforms step up efforts to fight vaccine-related misinformation, 2 February 2021 

  12. The Quint, Hate & Misinformation – Inside Bajrang Dal Pages on Facebook, 21 December 2020

  13. The News Minute, Where the south Indian states stand in the fight against fake news and misinformation, 3 September 2020 

  14. Deccan Herald, Row rages over Facebook 'bias', 21 August 2020

  15. Wired, India’s TikTok shutdown has left careers and fortunes in tatters, 6 July 2020

  16. Medianama, How does a section 69A blocking order come into existence?, 30 June 2020

  17. Deccan Herald, Locker room' scandal raises questions, 7 May 2020